Portitxol's historical discoveries


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El Portitxol is one of  the most important scenic and historical sites in Xàbia. Discoveries made on the island, especially on the seabed of the small bay, led to the first underwater  archeological survey of the area and excavation which began in 2019 continuing into 2021.This study has confirmed that this is a rich anchorage area for boats which has been used since the end of prehistoric times until the present day. Evidence of this can be seen in  almost 100 anchors and numerous amphorae as well as other archaeological remains which are stored in the Museum of Xàbia.Key researchers on this project: Alexandre Pérez Prefasi, Jordi Blázquez and Joaquim Bolufer,  will present the results of these studies to us this evening.


11/02/2022 al 20/03/2022

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Works by the artists Mari Marí, María José Cholbi, Fina Gilabert, Mar Fornes, María Casado, Blanca Hernando, Mariví Puigcerver and María Isabel de Piero.

Teatro: Emma Ozores presenta ¡El último que apague la luz!


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Una comedia escrita y dirigida por Antonio Ozores y protagonizada por Emma Ozores y Juan Anillo. Con un solo acto, la obra persigue un objetivo fundamental, hacer reír! En esta obra se muestran diferentes maneras de atraer al otro sexo.  

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Theater: Emma Ozores presents ¡El último que apague la luz!


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A comedy written and directed by Antonio Ozores, starring Emma Ozores and Juan Anillo. In a single act, the play pursues its essential goal: to make you laugh! This play reveals different ways to attract the opposite sex.  

Precio 16€ i 14€ in advance

Children’s Theater: CUCÚ


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This show was created with the aim of promoting the value of self-acceptance among young boys and girls. It also features scenery that has a high visual component which merges different scenic languages such as the handling of objects, puppets and body language.  

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Comedy Thursday: Darío Piera


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One of the most multi-talented, surprising, fun and entertaining artists with major expertise in all types of scenarios.  

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Xàbia dresses up for Carnival again! Next Saturday, February 26th, our streets recover the joy of the festival. In order to facilitate maximum ventilation and dispersion of attendees, there will be no tent. At 5:00 p.m. a carnival parade will take place from Plaça Marina Alta to Plaça de la Constitució where the party will be enlivened with a minidiscomobile, catwalk contest, musical games and a contest led by dancers and entertainers from Producciones Animadas and Bitsound. At 11:30 p.m. We will have the carnival parade for adults and afterwards the end of the party with the DJs Juan HDZ and Felix Olivares (Khandala) at Plaça de la Constitución.

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