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Sigilos. La imagen de la palabra

20/01/2023 al 10/03/2023

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Зона: Recoleto Creative

By Zulema Peña. The graphic artworks: “Sigilos, la imagen de la palabra” ("Stealthiness, the image of the word") is inspired by the gaze, the need to see the image of what is named. A project which transcends the representation of the word’s meaning, in order to arrive at the representation of the word’s image. A new language, a linguistic image which only corresponds to the container of language, an image of meaning which is stripped of any cultural conceptualization of the meanings. If an image is worth more than a thousand words, how much is the image of a word worth?  

Handicraft's market

19/02/2023, 26/02/2023, 05/03/2023, 12/03/2023, 19/03/2023, 26/03/2023

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Every stall is offering something different and as all of them are real craft people. The artisans bring their tools along to make small changes or personalize a chosen item. They can even accept special orders if you don't find what you are looking for!

Women in Art, Their Stories Behind the Lens

24/03/2023 al 12/05/2023

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Зона: Recoleto Creative

The exhibition will feature the works by the acclaimed Spanish photographer Isabel Muñoz, jointly with the young photographers, Pusha Petrov (Romania) and Brume (France). It will be complemented by a special series of sculptures by the artist Laura Lis (Cuba). The inauguration will take place on 24th and 25th of March, as a tribute to "International Women's Day". In addition, there will be a screening of the documentary, “Angalía Mzungu” ("Look at the target") on 25th of March at the Cinema: Cine Jayan. A large individual exhibition by the artist Isabel Muñoz will be inaugurated at the Casa del Cable. The exhibition "Women in Art, Their Stories Behind the Lens" is a joint initiative by RECOLETO Creative and VF Art Projects and it comprises part of the 2023 "Ojos Rojos" Photography Festival .  

Sorolla en Xàbia (Visita general)


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Route in spanish. Discover the paintings, lyrical colors, drawings, impressions and experiences which Joaquín Sorolla lived in the Xàbia town and coast by means of these cultural visits. Reservations and more information, David Gutiérrez, tel.: 646875014 (whatsapp) www.sorollajavea.wordpress.com  


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