The "Illa del Portitxol" has been declared a Site of Cultural Interest

The "Illa del Portitxol" in Xàbia is declared a Heritage of Cultural Interest since last October, 2018, by the Consell.

The island, located in front of the cove "La Barraca" or "Portitxol", was once inhabited and it still presents archaeological remains such as Phoenician ceramics, a pavement of marble and a column base, both Romans. In addition, it is one of the places of major ecological and landscape interest that, together with "Cap Prim" and "Cap Negre", shape the Bay of Portitxol.

Given the importance of the diverse vegetation in this area, the Valencian Government established in May 1999 two flora micro-reserves in "Cap Prim" and the cove of "Portitxol" or "La Barraca".

With this new name, it is highlighted the patrimonial and panoramic value of this natural enclave of great beauty.


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